Nominations are now closed!

The bible says ‘do what you can to help others.’

Last year, was our first annual Community Spirit Awards. We chose 10 amazing individuals who stood out in our community and have given their heart to give back without expectation.

We are excited to open the nominations again for this year. We look forward to recognizing more individuals within our community. If you would like to nominate someone for this year's Community Spirit Awards, please do so.

True Beauty Foundation Board of Directors

CSA Recipient Camilla Di Giuseppe

Nomination Criteria

  • They believe in others.
  • They help others.
  • They stay true to their passion.
  • They love all those around them
  • They do what is in their power to create a great change and offer a smile to those who need it.
  • They instill positivity and empowerment within those around them
  • They bring greater inspiration into the lives of others.
  • They just believe in the power of giving back.
  • They truly demonstrate what it means to have a heart-filled community spirit
True Beauty Foundation Board of Directors

CSA Recipient Marigold Mioc

Nominations close June 22, 2019