TBF's mission is based on 5 Pillars of Strength:

  • Empower - Empowering others to rise up and reach out from their struggles.
  • Inspire - Become an inspiration by sharing your story.
  • Unify - To bring the community together, in unity, in order to be the pillar of hope, support and friendship. TBF is YOUR foundation!
  • Thrive - Helping others embrace their True Beauty and reclaim their inner power and voice and say 'I CAN DO IT!'
  • Unmask - The power within by being available.

5 Pillars of Strength










Gowns for a Cause

Gowns for a Cause

Donate your new/gently used formal clothes including gowns, dress pants, dress shirts, ties, shoes, sparkly accessories.

These donations are not-for-profit and go to:
-Low income households for teen graduations
-Those going through medical treatments and have a special event to attend
-Job interviews for those who cannot afford professional attire
-Open to those in tough situations that need formal attire for events and required commitment
-As an initially a cancer-focused foundation we recognize how hard it is for those who cannot afford
clothes to funerals to their loved ones. We are here to help for future support as well.

If you have formal clothes lying around your closet consider donating it to the True Beauty Foundation,
which is a not-for-profit foundation that supports the community in the Calgary and surround area.
Contact donations@truebeautyfoundation.com.

If you or someone you know need formal attire for any event please submit your application

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