TBF's mission is based on 5 Pillars of Strength:

  • Empower - Empowering others to rise up and reach out from their struggles.
  • Inspire - Become an inspiration by sharing your story.
  • Unify - To bring the community together, in unity, in order to be the pillar of hope, support and friendship. TBF is YOUR foundation!
  • Thrive - Helping others embrace their True Beauty and reclaim their inner power and voice and say 'I CAN DO IT!'
  • Unmask - The power within by being available.
True Beauty Foundation Models


To create and reshape a world where hearts are healed, souls are empowered and love is shared.

First, we will start with our community.

True Beauty Foundation's long-term vision is 2-fold:

  • To build a sustainable facility that helps anyone in need that is struggling with issues related to mental and emotional health.
  • To build and provide a retreat and community out of the Calgary area that offers a place of comfort, relaxation and serenity where cancer survivors and their families can feel empowerd and find peace and unity during and after a cancer diagnosis in a stress-free environment.